What to expect here….?

Hey everyone! I am trying to separate my picture a day (Window into my classroom) blog from my different nerdy math/teacher posts. This is where you will find lots of different posts in regards to teacher math or just plain nerdy math stuff. The other website will be strictly a picture a day with less words than last year. Since I have this blog I will be starting to keep the specifics here and the more fun and light stuff here

Feel free to give me ideas on what you think…

Please forgive me for the naked blog I am still in the process of getting all the specifics ironed out.

ENJOY!  *:)

What to expect here….?

One thought on “What to expect here….?

  1. Thought I was losing my mind, you DO have two blogs! Meant to tell you for some time now that I LOVE your idea of a pic-a-day at your other site. Gonna steal this idea for my personal life: pics of my kids, puppy, my garden, cooking, etc, but restricting it to just one pic and 140-character description about each day is going to be my new diary.

    I kinda like the nakedness of this blog, Sadie. Sometimes people have too much stuff going on and it’s distracting, not that you would. You need to post pics of your garden though, especially of por… I mean Japanese cukes. 🙂

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