Self Reflection: Math Meta-Cognition

Today I came back from a week long hiatus in Las Vegas and my substitute mentioned some problems that students were having difficulty finishing. I was having a hard time planning for today but then I realized what a perfect chance this is to get a good start on implementing my Math Meta-Cognition process. It took a lot of time for students to go through the process and ask themselves these questions. I really don’t want to have make students write the answers to these questions EVERY time but I am thinking I will have to do this in order for them to get used to the process. I do hope that this process gets easier for them. Most of them were very honest and the second question that asks them “where they got stuck?” really gets them thinking about where they went wrong or where their weaknesses are. For my students that need more challenge, the answer to their question really gave me a way to differentiate problems to get them thinking harder. For my students that need more time, their answers really got me seeing where they need help.

Another thing I notice is that I NEED push myself to continue to refer to these question consistently in class.  They help kids think through their thinking process and to really help them get over their hurdles without me. These are the same types of questions I would be asking them if I was standing there trying to help them. Instead I am asking them to start by asking themselves these questions and answer them. Take their answers analyze them and turn those into a way to figure out a plan of attack to solve the problem.

Self Reflection: Math Meta-Cognition

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