The Day in the Life of Hana High School’s 0.5 teacher

Quick explanation, I am a half time teacher (0.5). What that means in a nutshell: Half the salary of full time teacher (NOT hourly), benefits available, work HALF the amount of classes as full time teacher. Full time teachers at my school teach 7 classes (6 classes with students and 1 collaboration period with another teacher (i.e. ELA/Soc Stud, Math/Sci, etc.)). If you can’t do the math that means I am supposed to teach 3.5 classes (I know right? what does that MEAN???)

Our school schedule is specific to our student’s needs.  We have a combination of 50 min periods daily (Periods 1-5, 7:45-1) AND 100 min blocks every other day (Periods 6, 7, 1-2:40, M/W, T/Th)

6:15am – My eyes snap open because I have been dreaming about what I forgot to plan for this week.  THEIR TESTING GROUPS!!  I have to start this today!  I don’t have enough time in the quarter not to start.  Oh man when am I going to fit this in this week’s plan.  I have to give up my precious teaching time in order to have students do state testing.  (actual thinking going on in my head)

6:30-7:30 – Get ready, decide on my professional outfit (I like to dress up because I feel like if I take my job like a serious profession others might also)

7:30-9am – I receive work emails sporadically throughout the morning because I don’t have a working computer at school so in order to read and respond to my work emails (Lotus Notes) I must forward my emails to my work gmail account.  So during this time at home while I am getting ready I am responding to work emails regarding my principal’s substitute administrator, student technology contracts being turned in, spam email from companies trying to sell me crap.

8:50 – Must leave house because it is my nieces birthday and I have to stop by and give her the lei (plumeria) that I made for her to wear.  I normally leave 5 mins later.

8:57am – Park, reach to classroom, throw bag on desk, grab number talk book from cabinet, don’t forget your keys (I ALWAYS lock myself out).  Stop by front office to sign in and make my way down to our 5th grade classroom to do a 20 min number talk (volunteer time because my real class doesn’t start until 9:50).

9:03am-9:28am –  5th grade class number talk begins with a reminder of reason for doing number talk, reminding them about taking risks by trying new strategies, not be afraid to make mistakes, etc.  Number Talk set begins with: 90-79=   the next 20 mins proceed by having students work on problems posted using mental math and showing me they are ready by putting thumbs up on their chest when they have one strategy.  I then pick students to share their different strategies in order to “discover” other math strategies.

9:28am-9:30am – Walk back up to my classroom (5th grade class is at the bottom of campus, my classroom is right next to the front office), remind some students about getting into class and walk with them to their classroom.  Continue walking to my classroom…..

9:32am -Check in with front office about school portrait pickup status (I am in charge of school portraits because I am yearbook teacher).  Phone call comes in for me.  Its the sales rep that I have been trying to get in touch with (timezone problems east coast, west coast).  “Aunty, forward this phone call to my classroom, give me a second to run to my classroom!”  **Running down the hall to my classroom**

9:32am – Bell rings for first recess

9:32am-9:45am – Recess is used up talking with sales rep about sending me quotes of technology devices that my technology coordinator needs me to order for him.

9:45am – Just got off the phone with sales rep, PCNC is here to see me about changing our quarterly parent night meeting to January and show’s me the email that the elementary Grade Level Chair sent her.  “Yup that sounds good, just keep me in the loop on those emails.”

9:45am – Bell rings (but it’s not the right bell we have to wait 5 MORE mins for the right bell), oh wait windows aren’t open must open bottom windows because last time I tried to close my top windows I smashed my finger in the window and had to pull it out without opening window because I can’t reach window opening latch.

9:50am – REAL BELL RINGS (now I have to time them 5 mins because there is no tardy bell).  Kids start filing in…. “Circle Ms. Sadie?”  “Yes, P, we do circle everyday.”

9:52am – Don’t forget the sign in sheet, open up on iPad so students can sign in.  Look in Dropbox to read over lesson plans before I give iPad to students.  Oh yes, “counting down by 15 mins, starting at 600 mins”.  Draw number lines on the board.

9:55am – “Ok who is starting today?”  Loud students by the door “Oh wait who are we missing?  Oh great!  No, you need to go get your guy’s tardy passes.  You guys are late”

9:56am – Tardy passes put on desk, late students have joined the circle and are somewhat ready to go.

9:56-10am – Discuss the weekend happenings with students and my co-teacher, the auto tech teacher (my co-teacher) participated in a stock car race/demolition derby over the weekend and many students went out to town to watch.  Lots of fun!

10-10:15am – Start counting circle, we are counting with new strategy (down by 15 mins).  We have a new starter today!  Go ahead my dear…We proceed to count around the circle practicing adding strategies, converting mins to hrs, etc.

10:15-10:25am – We need to make new seating arrangements based on testing groups.  We discuss the reason for having these new assignments (because we need to not disrupt class when we leave or come from testing).  Ok now we are waiting for students to pay attention.  We wait 2 mins for everyone to be back on task and paying attention.  Back to testing groups….grumbling about people in groups, moving to new seating assignments slowly, ok now we are settled.

10:25-10:30am – We discuss who has their technology contracts signed.  Who knows how to log in to computers or who has their pw to log into computers.  Ok two students still missing tech contracts.  Ok now for the prep for testing on computers:  “So what do we need when we do our math in class?”  Brain, calculator, paper, pencil. ” Yes, which ones do we need to provide for ourselves?”  Paper, pencil, brain.  Yes, “let’s get our packets of scratch paper together, do you think they will ask you to graph?  do you want graph paper?”  Ok make your scratch paper packet.  Staple it together!  Let’s put it in our folders for the first group that will be going tomorrow.

10:30-10:35am – Filing papers, tomfoolery and silliness between immature boys.  More waiting by me for them to be ready.  WAITING, WAITING, WAITING.  Discussion about who will be starting tomorrow, starting the practice test and practicing with the calculator.

10:35am – Bell rings (not the right bell, we have 5 more mins) “Ms. Sadie do we have homework??  Are you going to give us homework?”  **Ignoring**  “Ok get your notebooks out, and turn to thursday’s notes.  What did we do on thursday?  Remind K what we did on thursday, what are we working on?”  Slope and y-intercept from different representations (graph, table, equation, situation).

10:40am – REAL bell rings.  Walk over to the door and close it because my next period is waiting outside the door and distracting other students.  “The bell rang Ms. Sadie can we go?”  “Nope, you can’t go you wasted my time so now I get to keep yours, sit down and lets discuss Thursday’s work”  1-2 more min of this and then I have to let them go so they won’t be late to next class.  “No, no, no homework, except for K and S who have to get their technology contracts signed”  “yes you may leave”

10:42am – Open door to let one class leave and another come in.  “Here’s the iPad to sign in, get in our circle.”

10:45-11am – After erasing last period’s counting circle numbers (but keeping the number lines) we are ready to start.  “Counting down by 15 mins, starting at 675 mins, who wants to start?”   We start our counting circle and we proceed with questions and answers.  We had quite a discussion today because I gave them a wrong answer and it took us a while to figure that out.  “You know who’s wrong you guys??  ME!! hahaha!”

11am-11:30am – Go to seats, get out notebook and turn to skills tracking log, as they are doing this and getting colored pencils I am passing back last Thursday’s assessment.  Up to the board to write down name of 3 standards that were assessed for them to add to skills log.  Questions about the assessment, comments about why I liked the questions, comments about why it was hard for them.   More talk about what answers look like to get a “green” (meet proficiency).  Reassessments were discussed, the process of reassessments, more questions about grading, mid quarter reports and their grades.

11:30-11:40am – “What skill(s) have we been working on?”  Yup, slope and y-intercept from a representation (graph, table, equation, situation).  Has anyone come up with a way to figure out the y-intercept and slope for a certain representation?  Any ideas of EXPLAINING HOW to figure out slope and y-intercept?”  “Yes, I just ask myself those same questions for every representation”  Get our notes down for today (we are totally rushing this).  “Turn to next clean sheet of paper in notebook, here is your title….”  “yes you will have homework so right underneath your notes write this title…..”

11:40am – Bell rings (the wrong one, we have 5 more mins)

11:45am – Finish writing homework in notebook, pack up and leave for lunch time.

11:45am-12:15 – It is lunch time for all students, now is the time I try to take roll (oh no internet is too slow can’t do it now must wait til after school, hope to remember).  Put away representations in envelopes for assessments next week.  Check student sign in sheet, check emails, respond to emails regarding students, get ready for graphic design class starting at 1pm.  Student stops by on his lunch hour to schedule a reassessment date.

12:05pm – Bell rings (wrong one we have 5 more mins).  I need to go home for lunch already….Keys, classroom keys, glasses, purse….BRB.

12:07-12:55pm – lunch time at home with my doggies.  Out of crates, barking, barking, warming up my food, reading my book, Around the Horn on ESPN, more reading, twitter time, catch up (yeah right, fast scrolling through), back into crates with treats.

1-1:20pm – Its graphic design time (no I don’t even have a degree in this).  Oh yes I forgot college/career fair so a little over 50% of class (all seniors) are not here.  Meeting that happens at the beginning of each class period to update all students on jobs and what they are working on today.  2 photographers working on editing pictures and prepping them for page designers to use.  2 page designers finishing up laying out templates for grade level spreads.

1:20-1:30pm – Show my 4 students the process for using Adobe Bridge and how we will identify pictures that are used.

1:30-1:40pm – look through submitted Illustrator brushes, fonts and Photoshop brushes.  Decide which ones I will install.

1:40-1:50pm – get the Olelo Noeau book for my page designer to go through and pick out ones we will vote on.

1:50-2:20pm – install brushes and fonts on 3 other open computers, help students with some page designing and picture editing.

2:20-2:40pm – remind students to save documents, turn off computers, bells rings (it is the right one, PAU SCHOOL!!)

Afterschool time….

2:45-3:25pm – My niece comes in for homework session.  Ooooh we have math today….Getting out ten frames and counters.  We basically do a math exchange as she works on her homework.

What is this???  FIRST STUDENT TO COME IN AFTER SCHOOL TO GET HOMEWORK HELP!!  I’M SO EXCITED!  “The homework is pink on the board.  Oh you forgot to write it down?  Ok well there it is go ahead….”  Some questioning with student about showing their work, how do they know that is the answer, etc.

3:25pm – “Bye niece, good luck at soccer practice.  Good job getting your homework done!”

3:25-3:35pm – we have a consulting team visiting our school, consultant stops by my classroom to discuss issues we are seeing in some of our elementary classrooms.

3:35pm – yelling at student through window…”K did you find your soccer shoes?” He forgot about them….

3:40pm – “Thank you Ms. Sadie for reminding me about my shoes!”

AAHHHH!! I have #globalmath!!!  Hurry up!  “yes, yes, no, no!” I have to go I have a meeting right now!

Safely get home (about 30 secs away), turn on computer, headphones, let dogs out, #globalmath time.

4-5:15pm – discuss homework concept with other math teachers around the world. Great discussions, sharing of pros and cons, goals, it was awesome!

5:15pm – #globalmath is done and now it is time to get some personal stuff done. Finish instrument for hula tomorrow: sanding, sanding, by hand. Check my garden, lettuce starters are coming up *YES*

Hope my lesson plans are ready for tomorrow **crossing fingers**

I will probably dream about it or wake up early and think about the lesson plan for tomorrow.  Many things to update and change based on what happened today.

Oh yeah tomorrow is Wednesday my morning is the same routine however the afternoon is my elementary time.  Math exchanges here we come!

The Day in the Life of Hana High School’s 0.5 teacher

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