Quarter 1 Job Reflection

Our fall break has started, technically tomorrow, but I wanted to write a blog post that reflects on my new job out of the classroom.

First things first…..


I miss their attitudes, I miss the daily quirks and sayings that they bring to your classroom.  I miss having the opportunities to interact with these amazing future adults of our world.  I miss every SINGLE thing about teaching students in the classroom.  [Yes I am tearing up as I type this, what a sucker!]

However, I LOVE MY NEW JOB!  I love that I get to work with a variety of teachers: difficult ones, willing ones, new ones, seasoned ones, tenured ones.  I love that I am getting to see so many different school structures: daily schedules, PLC times, PD times, school routines, classroom routines, etc.  I love that I told myself if I get the opportunity to get into classrooms to help teachers be better that I couldn’t pass it up.  I did just that!  With this data teams and formative instruction job I am able to share about all the strategies I’ve read about in books and used in my classroom.  I get to share my counting circles with grades K-5 (for now, but I will share K-12 soon enough).  I get to work with teachers who are totally as passionate about teaching their students as I am.  We nerd/geek out on ways to teach concepts and some are receptive and some not as much.  But its ok!

I am learning a lot about elementary “curriculum”.  I am dumbfounded at how many elementary teachers feel very inadequate when it comes to teaching mathematics but they feel too scared to let that be known.  Instead they would rather keep teaching detrimentally than to come out and say that they want/need help.

I am learning a lot about how the DOE works!  And I realize I don’t play politics well!  I know you are TOTALLY SURPRISED RIGHT?! 🙂

I am starting the creation of my little networks with people all over the state.  And sharing lots of resources from my lovely realm of amazing twitter teachers!

I am getting to work with some “big wigs” on what are important changes we see needing to happen in the schools and they are ACTUALLY LISTENING!

I am realizing there are LOTS of good things happening in our Hawaii schools but am also imagining what it would look like without the “box” boundaries.

I am learning a lot about Smarter Balance  and was even asked to participate on a item writing project our state is doing 🙂

I am learning how to time manage in a TOTALLY different way than I have been asked as a teacher.  I mean there are so many different things happening and you have to figure out how to get them all done even though they are somewhat disconnected but connected at the same time.

All in all….it is a bittersweet feeling to be out of the classroom this year because I am learning so much but also missing out on so much stuff.

Do I see myself doing this for a long time?  NO WAYS!!  Do I see myself using most of what I’ve learned these few years after I’m back in the classroom YOU BET!

Quarter 1 Job Reflection

2 thoughts on “Quarter 1 Job Reflection

  1. New Math Coach says:

    Well, it seems that I have company. 🙂
    I taught middle school math for the past 15 years. This year I’m a 4-5 math coach for my school district. I’m learning about elementary school and content knowledge pedagogy and CCSSM.
    I think I will do this job for a couple of years (one year is way too short a time) and when I go back to middle school, I’ll be the best damn math teacher ever! Maybe. :-/

    In any event, I will read your column with interest. Thanks in advance for writing it.

  2. OMG I wish you were in my district! We don’t have a specific person as a dedicated Math Coach. We have several Instructional Coaches, I’m one of the Math Coaches, but it’s just leading meetings after school for whoever comes for PD. I wish we could go to the classrooms, or just learn more from you! I did a Counting Circle with my algebra students today. I asked What do you want to count by? Ss said 5’s! I said Ok let’s start at -47!! It was fun, and not easy for all!! Thank you for counting circles!!

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