[TMWYK] Oranges

I was cutting oranges with one of my nieces for my OTHER niece’s soccer game.  She was helping me put them in the bag and she proceeds to tell me:

N: Aunty, you are cutting it in half first and then cutting again and then again

Me: Yes you are right.  So when I cut it in half the first time how many pieces does that make?

N: two half pieces.

Me: Right so then you said I cut it in half again?  How do you know it is half again?

N: Because it is 2 more equal pieces that you cut it into.

M: Ok, so then what do I do?

N: You cut those pieces in half again.  And you do the same thing to the other half of the orange.

M: Are you sure?  Watch to make sure I do it exactly like you described.  [I proceed to another orange the exact same way as before]

N: Yeah see you did the same thing.  So you come out with 8 pieces of oranges.

M: So what does that mean about the “size” of this smallest piece of orange?

N: **thinking**  It is the same size as the others.

M: True it probably is very close to being the exact same size.  What about what fraction of the orange is it?

N: Oh, it’s one eighth.

M: How do you know that?

N: Because there are eight pieces and this is one of the eight. So this is 1/8 of the orange.

M: Ic, so what is half of half?  [I ask this question as I cut the half into fourths]

N: one fourth?

M:  How do you know?  I don’t see 4 pieces.

N: Because if you did the same thing to the other half you WOULD have 4 pieces. so one of the oranges would be 1/4.

M: Ic, so what is a half of a half of a half? [I ask this question as I cut the fourths into eighths]

N: one eighth?

M: How do you know?

N: Cuz it’s the same as I said before but with more pieces.  You are just doing the same thing to both halfs of the orange.  So each orange is making eight pieces.

M: Ic, so how many pieces would 2 oranges make?

N: 16.

M: how do you know?

N: 8+8=16

M: Ic, you like doubles yeah?

N: Yeah, doubles are easy.

Orange cutting was completed and we put them in our ziploc bags.  I asked her to take pictures of the ziploc bags and our eighths.

Camera 360  Camera 360

[TMWYK] Oranges

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