I got asked to do an Ignite session by Suzanne Alejandre from the Math Forum. If you’re not familiar with an Ignite session, its 20 slides in 5 mins. Slides advance every 15 secs whether you are ready or not. It was an awesome experience and I hope to do it again sometime. My presentation wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst.  I have so many more ideas/topics that might have been better but they only came to my mind after my initial presentation.  Again why I am hoping to get asked to participate another time. My presentation had lots of pictures of student work and some had expressed interest in seeing these pics more in-depth.  So I wanted to post the slides that had student work and were referred to in my presentation.  Most of these pictures were chosen to show more support of why students need routines like counting circles on an everyday basis or because some of the students strategies were just AWESOME!  None of the strategies were fabricated or altered by me as the teacher.  They were jotted on the board as students verbally described their mental math. Please feel free to ask questions about counting circles, student work, strategies or maybe clarification on why I even included these pictures in my presentation. And I hope you are already using the counting circle routine in your classroom!  If not there is no better time than now! P.S. If you aren’t in the up and up with what the Drexel Math Forum is doing with math education and students, CHECK. IT. OUT! 11 12 13 14 15 16


2 thoughts on “#NCSM14 IGNITE

  1. Ang K says:

    Hi. I love this concept, and have ordered the book recommended. I am tutoring a 3rd grader who is behind in math. I was wondering how you could use the counting circle methods with just one student.

    1. wahedahbug says:

      Hi Ang. I would not recommend using counting circles with one student but instead I might want to look at number talks. That is a better way to have a discussion about math strategies with only one student.

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