[TMWYK] Time Elapsed

Its summertime so that means spending time with my punahele.  We are getting ready to leave the post office and she is playing with my iPod as she loves to do (normally to pick songs) and she decides to play with the timer.

G: “Ok, you have 5 mins on the timer to get home.”

Me: “It will take me more than 5 mins to get home.  It usually takes about 7-8 mins.”

G: “Ok, 8 mins on the timer to get home.”

Me: “Ok”

We are almost home when she says.

G: “Ok you have 4 mins and 40 seconds to get home.

M: “Oh yeah?! So how long has it taken us so far?”

<Thinking time>

G: “4 mins and 40 seconds”

Me: “Oh yeah?!”

G: <Rethinking her answer> “No wait!”

We just pulled into our driveway.

G: “Stopped the timer!  We have 2 mins and 56 seconds left.”

Me: “How long id dit take us to get home?

G: <Thinking> “5 mins and 4 seconds”

Me: “How do you know?”

G: “Well I added the 4 to 56 to get 3 and then 5 more to get the 8.”

Me: “You added 4 mins?”

G: “No 4 seconds”

Me: “Well technically it is 4 hundredths of a second”

G: <Rolls eyes>

Me: “So why did you add up to 8 mins?”

G: “Because we set the timer for 8 mins.”

Me: “YOU set the timer for 8 mins!  So would we have made it home in 5 mins?” (original timer setting)

G: “No because it was above 3 mins”

Technically it is below 3 mins but I let this slide and got smart by recording the rest of the conversation.

[TMWYK] Time Elapsed

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