A Course Idea, Feedback Wanted!

So I am at it again!

I want to teach another course.  A different one from my last one (although I will be offering that same course again next year).  I want to offer this new course for professional development credit, so that teachers will be able to get something back from their hard work. And I also want to pack the course with serious learning and requirements!!!!

I’ve been working with Kristin Gray on some of and here is what we have come up with so far (it is not complete yet):

I’d really love feedback on the course.  If you want to leave comments directly in the doc. Email me your google accounts and I’ll add you on as commenter.  If not go ahead and leave your comments below.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

A Course Idea, Feedback Wanted!

5 thoughts on “A Course Idea, Feedback Wanted!

  1. Heather Haines says:

    I love the idea. I’d sign up and I have a bunch of teachers I would recommend the course to as well. What grade spans would you think about?

  2. Lisa says:

    I am very interested. What would be the cost? Maybe we could work with others in our grade spans on the collaborative parts of the course. I would definitely sign up if I can afford it! (I work at a charter school, no individual PD money.)

    1. wahedahbug says:

      Cost????? No cost my dear. I might ask participants to purchase a book but other than that your time and hard work is what it costs. Not sure if you’d receive credit because the credit is only for Hawaii teachers I believe. But if you need certificate to take to school and they’ll honor it, I’d be happy to provide that.

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