[TMWYK] Time Elapsed

Its summertime so that means spending time with my punahele.  We are getting ready to leave the post office and she is playing with my iPod as she loves to do (normally to pick songs) and she decides to play with the timer.

G: “Ok, you have 5 mins on the timer to get home.”

Me: “It will take me more than 5 mins to get home.  It usually takes about 7-8 mins.”

G: “Ok, 8 mins on the timer to get home.”

Me: “Ok”

We are almost home when she says.

G: “Ok you have 4 mins and 40 seconds to get home.

M: “Oh yeah?! So how long has it taken us so far?”

<Thinking time>

G: “4 mins and 40 seconds”

Me: “Oh yeah?!”

G: <Rethinking her answer> “No wait!”

We just pulled into our driveway.

G: “Stopped the timer!  We have 2 mins and 56 seconds left.”

Me: “How long id dit take us to get home?

G: <Thinking> “5 mins and 4 seconds”

Me: “How do you know?”

G: “Well I added the 4 to 56 to get 3 and then 5 more to get the 8.”

Me: “You added 4 mins?”

G: “No 4 seconds”

Me: “Well technically it is 4 hundredths of a second”

G: <Rolls eyes>

Me: “So why did you add up to 8 mins?”

G: “Because we set the timer for 8 mins.”

Me: “YOU set the timer for 8 mins!  So would we have made it home in 5 mins?” (original timer setting)

G: “No because it was above 3 mins”

Technically it is below 3 mins but I let this slide and got smart by recording the rest of the conversation.

[TMWYK] Time Elapsed

[TMWYK] Oranges

I was cutting oranges with one of my nieces for my OTHER niece’s soccer game.  She was helping me put them in the bag and she proceeds to tell me:

N: Aunty, you are cutting it in half first and then cutting again and then again

Me: Yes you are right.  So when I cut it in half the first time how many pieces does that make?

N: two half pieces.

Me: Right so then you said I cut it in half again?  How do you know it is half again?

N: Because it is 2 more equal pieces that you cut it into.

M: Ok, so then what do I do?

N: You cut those pieces in half again.  And you do the same thing to the other half of the orange.

M: Are you sure?  Watch to make sure I do it exactly like you described.  [I proceed to another orange the exact same way as before]

N: Yeah see you did the same thing.  So you come out with 8 pieces of oranges.

M: So what does that mean about the “size” of this smallest piece of orange?

N: **thinking**  It is the same size as the others.

M: True it probably is very close to being the exact same size.  What about what fraction of the orange is it?

N: Oh, it’s one eighth.

M: How do you know that?

N: Because there are eight pieces and this is one of the eight. So this is 1/8 of the orange.

M: Ic, so what is half of half?  [I ask this question as I cut the half into fourths]

N: one fourth?

M:  How do you know?  I don’t see 4 pieces.

N: Because if you did the same thing to the other half you WOULD have 4 pieces. so one of the oranges would be 1/4.

M: Ic, so what is a half of a half of a half? [I ask this question as I cut the fourths into eighths]

N: one eighth?

M: How do you know?

N: Cuz it’s the same as I said before but with more pieces.  You are just doing the same thing to both halfs of the orange.  So each orange is making eight pieces.

M: Ic, so how many pieces would 2 oranges make?

N: 16.

M: how do you know?

N: 8+8=16

M: Ic, you like doubles yeah?

N: Yeah, doubles are easy.

Orange cutting was completed and we put them in our ziploc bags.  I asked her to take pictures of the ziploc bags and our eighths.

Camera 360  Camera 360

[TMWYK] Oranges